FEB 2016

"What Do You See When You Examine You?

But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup. (1st Cor 11:28)

During Paul's recap of the Lord's Supper he reminded the church that Christ had an expectation that the Lord supper was taken in holiness. That eating and drinking of that cup unworthily, shall result in the believer being guilty of the blood and the body of the Lord. In the same way we must examine our principles and how we view our faith in every aspect, including giving, sowing and reaping. In Robert Morris Book the Blessed Life, the following Self Evaluation was given. Take it and assess, "What Do You See When You Examine Yourself?

When you think about your situation in life¦ which are you?

Pride says, "I deserve more, Poverty says, "I should feel guilty, but Gratitude says, "Thank You "! 

When someone says, "Wow you have a nice house! Pride says, "We are going to build a bigger one. Poverty says, "It was a foreclosure. Gratitude says, "Thank You, the Lord has blessed us!

When someone says, "That's a nice suit! Pride says, "It's tailor made., Poverty says, it was half price., Gratitude says, "Thank You!

 When someone says, "That's a nice car! Pride says, "I've got three of them! Poverty says, "It's a company car.  But Gratitude says, "Thank You Lord! Don't be surprised with what God does for you, expect it. "Do you want to Truly be Whole! "What Do You See When You Examine Yourself?