Do You Count it All Joy? 

My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; (James 1:2) 

When we examine the life of the believer,  and the promises of our Lord we remember these words, "In this life, you will have trials and tribulations!  Christ advised His followers and all people of our Faith that during our journey in the earth, we will have ups and downs. We will  have difficult days and adversity all around us in various ways. Yet Jesus also says that He has already overcome the many trials and tribulations that we will face.  Yet his instructions wasn't about worry, struggle or even contemplating the depth of our problems rather He spoke these words, "But be of good cheer! How do ou face your failures, manage your messes or confront your calamities? "Do You Count it All Joy?

James the half brother of Jesus, presents us with a consistent message as our Lord, in chapter one when he writes "Count it all joy! The word count, implies or suggests that we must consider or see something or as the text says all things as joy. When you think about any of your problems, past or present, is joy the first thought in your mind? When you lose a job, go through an illness, bury a loved one, do you consider it all joy?

Our ability to accept Christ's word and live life with joy, is essential to our faith. When we believe that all things will work for our good, that all things are possible with God, that we are empowered to win then we should be able to have Joy! "Do You Count It All Joy?

Pastor  SP Courtney