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This page is set, so viewers like yourself can see the positive reviews from our Mime Ministry. Here are a few letters and comments we were blessed to get from other Pastors, Churches, and Members


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 To Whom It May Concern:

We have known Brother Timothy La Vergne, II most of his life and he is a true born again Christian young man that is on fire for the Lord. Being the Pastor of Little Bethel Baptist Church of Ladonia, Texas, it has been our privilege to have Bro. Timothy to come and present his Mime Ministry at our church several times and each time he has touched the hearts of everyone present.

He is a dedicated committed Christian young man and he works with the youth of the community in Bonham at the Bethlehem Baptist Church where he is a member. We are praying for his continued success in his ministry.

In His Service,

Rev. Cecil R. Jones
Senior Pastor
Dec. 1st , 2010


This letter is to express the joy that we have at seeing our Brother Tim La Vergne, go forth in his Mime Ministry. It is absolutely evident, that when he dances, his dance is to the Glory of God. There is an intimate praise with the Father, that others can see as Bro. La Vergne goes forth in dance.He is an inspiration to his audiences. All praise and blessings goes to our Bro. Tim from 2nd Chance Ministry under Friendly COGIC of Sherman, Texas.

Robert & Faye Fugett
2nd Chance Prison Ministry
Nov. 25th, 2010

To Bethlehem Baptist:

Wow...I am very speechless! I attended a church with my friends at a gathering in Greenville, Texas this past week. I was blown away when I saw Bro. Tim as he minister through mime dance. I have had the chance now to see him three times after that in Sherman, Texas. You can feel the presence of the Lord during his dance. It brings tears to my eyes to see a young man like him to give up time and worship the Lord. I tell my friends about him all the time and show the youtube video you guys have on this site.  I just wanted to send this email to let you know how blessed your church is to have this POWERFUL Man of God! The best part is that my teenager son loves to see Bro. Tim dance also. My friend has him on facebook and keeps up with all this dances.

Best Wishes and God Bless

Sis. Walker
Aug. 15th, 2010

Greetings Pastor Courtney,
It gives me great pleasure, and honor to send this word of thanks to you.  My name is Lori Brewster, and I had the awesome opportunity to minister the Lord's word at the "Heal My Soul Conference", with conference host Pastor Drenda Kennedy & The Ministry of Hurts, this past Saturday. There are no words that can adequately express my thanks to you, for the ministry of Bro. Timothy LaVergne II. 
Upon walking into the sanctuary, the Lord was ministering in song, through the psalmist, and there was a great move of the Spirit in worship.  I was so thankful to God, as my own spirit needed the watering and refreshing of the Lord, before going forth in His name.  I could feel the breaking in my own soul, as I began to weep before the Lord, and bow before His presence.  I love the Lord so very much, and was so grateful to be in His presence.  There was such a mighty healing in the room, as the people began to cry out to the Lord.  Then Bro. Timothy graced the front of the room.  As the music began to play, he began to minister in the ministry of mime form. There was a point within the ministry Pastor, when you could literally see the Lord totally overtake Bro. Timothy, and literally overshadow Him. 
It was at that very moment, that the Lord impressed in my spirit that this ministry was not a performance ministry, but God Himself, was allowing us, as the audience to have the opportunity to sit in and just observe Bro. Timothy's worship experience with God.  As he danced and mimed, it was very obvious, that this was a personal thing, between him and God.
The Lord allowed me to share this with Bro. Timothy, as He led, and I wanted to share it with you. Pastor Drenda is hosting a "Heal My Soul Conference" December 11, 2010 at our church from 12-4 pm for the "Men of God" @ New Life Baptist Fellowship, in Quitman, TX, where the pastor is my husband, Dr. Charles Brewster.  It is our prayer that Bro. Timothy, with your prayerful consideration, will be able to join us, and minister on that day.
Again, a many thank you's to you and your church.
Take Care & God Bless,
Pastor/Evangelist Lori Brewster
June 28th, 2010