- Every human being is to be valued as a creature in the image of God with inherent worth, a candidate for redemption and eternal life without respect to age, race, gender, or socioeconomic status.

 -The Bible is the supreme guide in matters of faith practice. We believe it to be written by persons who were inspired by the Holy Spirit.

 - Only those who are connected to Jesus Christ by faith in his life, death, and resurrection and who are participants in his redemptive purpose in the world are truly the Body of Christ.

 - The gifts and calling of every believer in Jesus Christ without regard to cultural, biological, or social distinctions. We are obligated to encourage every person who believes to stir up the gift that is within him/her and to walk in his/her calling.

 -That genuine fellowship is one of the highest expressions of Christian community and nurture for the human spirit. We are obligated to participate in and to enhance such fellowship.

 -That the nurture of our children and young people is of utmost priority, that whole persons do not fall from the sky, but they have to be made through nurture, growth, and development. This is much of the church's ministry.

 -That we are sent to the world as witnesses for our Lord. A complacent disposition with regard to saving souls is contradictory to the teaching of our Lord. We must proactively find the lost, share with them the gospel, and lead them to the Savior, Jesus Christ.